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About us

Hailing from the East Midlands town of Loughborough, UK - Next Year started in October 2017 with drummer Alex Hurd and guitarist/vocalist James Brown playing blink-182 and Sum 41 covers. After discovering they played well together they began writing their own material and recruited George Fall on Bass.
EP Resolutions was released in January 2018 and received praise and helped them build their fan base. � They embarked on their debut tour in April 2018 playing multiple cities across the U.K.
Since then the band have released another well-received single entitled Ben Wilson which helped them get into multiple small festivals and support bands such as Merge, Lyon Estates, TrueHeights.
After a successful first 3 Quarters of 2018, Next Year's ambitions got bigger, they wanted to expand their sound. George moved onto Lead Guitar whilst James stuck to Rhythm and Vocals and they recruited Jack Gutteridge on bass guitar to complete their line-up. Now with a new dynamic sound, their fanbase awaits their upcoming EP with eager ears.